Alog by Night, Tokyo
March 24, 2009 by the silent reader

Phonophani live at Bergen Travpark
24. march: Phonophani will play a piece for horses at the local racetrack, collaborating with John Hegre, Amund Sjølie Sveen, POW and Noise-Boy. It`s the opening night of the Borealis festival. Be there at 18.45 - More info at
March 21, 2009 by the silent reader

Alog and Phonophani on Spotify
Spotify has recently included the entire Rune Grammofon catalogue. On the Spot spotify-blog have made a nice playlist including some alog and phonophani albums.
March 21, 2009 by the silent reader

Alog live at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Madrid

February 10, 2009 by ropeedge

Alog live at Urbaines festvial
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Photos by Nelly Rodriguez and David Wollschlage
January 07, 2009 by the silent reader

Red Shift Swing on wall
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January 06, 2009 by the silent reader

Money will ruin everything 2
It´s been a long, long time but finally it´s here. Originally planned as an update and slightly revised edition of the long deleted 2cd / book of the same name released in 2003 to celebrate 5 years of Rune Grammofon, this has now turned into a completely new and absolutely gorgeous book, quite simply a must have. Completely redisigned and improved with all new art from Kim Hiorthøy, more pages, slightly bigger and with 4 different types of paper, it features graphic works, photos, video stills, used and unused sleeve art, complete discography and more. The essays on the musical and visual profiles of the label from the first book are included, as is the original interview Kim did with label founder Rune Kristoffersen in 2003. New to this edition is a new interview as well as forewords by Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and David Fricke, senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine.

Alog contributes one track to the compilation, a live collaboration with Spunk called "Picnic avec", and Phonophani is represented with a track called "the Atlantic".

January 03, 2009 by the silent reader


The devils playground
December 03, 2008 by the silent reader

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